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Star Wars: Puzzle Droids is a puzzle game styled to the likes of Candy Crush Saga where players help BB-8 along on his journey to recover his memories. In order to help your robot buddy get his memory back you'll have to voyage through some of the most emblematic Star Wars scenery, but more than anything else you're going to need your wits about you to effectively match up the right gems.

Gameplay in Star Wars: Puzzle Droids is standard to this genre. Meaning, you'll get a certain number of gems in each level and you'll have to link up three or more of each kind. As is not uncommon to this genre, linking up five or more same-colored gems rains down special objects and power-ups for you to pick up. You'll also get special moves to use like your 'blaster' and the internal soldering machine inside BB-8.

The game has over fifty different levels incorporated within the levels in Star Wars: Puzzle Droids and you'll get to interact with some of the best and most emblematic Star Wars scenes and play with Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron. Some of these levels, also have specially adapted rules that include enemies that you'll have to damage in order to pick up their falling jewels.

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids is a very fun game with entertaining elements of play; excellent visuals and innovative twists to an already trite genre. In short, this title is yet another great game within the Star Wars franchise.
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Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, a galactic Candy Crush, is out now

Each release of a new game set in the Star Wars universe is a big-time event in itself given the high production values demanded by Disney (at least most of the time). In this case, what might appear to be the umpteenth opportunist clone of Candy Crush is actually something more much interesting. Star Wars: Puzzle Droids is a Match-3 with a lot in common with the blockbuster game from King, but the way it links the levels with a plotline derived from The Force Awakens makes it super interesting for people who like exploding gems as well as those with whom The Force is strong.
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Android 4.1 or higher required